Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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Masjid Sheikh Jarah

The Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of Jerusalem is the Holy City’s most exclusive one. Bordering the area to the south is the famous American Colony Hotel, arguably the most beautiful hotel in all of Palestine.

It started as an Ottoman-era home of a very wealthy childless Palestinian that was later sold by heirs from his extended clan to American missionaries of Scandinavian descent.

Almost adjacent to the Colony is the small and unobtrusive Sheikh Jarrah Mosque, built in 1895 and named after Saladin’s physician. Whether the mosque’s tomb, which dates to 1201, still contains the remains of Hussam Al-Din Al-Jarrahi is not certain. What is clear is that the lands bequeathed to him by Saladin still retain his name.

Source ; archive.thisweekinpalestine


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